Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thanksgiving with Friends

It was my first Thanksgiving in the States and I was invited by my friends Mr. Cox and Mrs. Kay (who appear in the picture below) to a wonderful evening that included great food, friends and other family members.

What touched me the most was that Mr. Cox is battling cancer and I'm stunned with his strength and great spirit along with his amazing wife who acts strongly to help him defeat this disease. Mr. Cox and Mrs. Kay visited Palestine many times and provided financial aid to Saint John Eye hospital in Jerusalem.

I was introduced to this beautiful couple through my professor Mike Fotos who also invited me over for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I also spent two wonderful hours in the afternoon with his great family before having dinner with Mr. Cox and Mrs. Kay.

I'm thankful for these two great families that I have around me who try to help me overcome any challenges, and I am so happy to share my story with the Fulbright community.

Ghadir Awwad is a Palestinian Fulbrighter from the West Bank pursuing an M.A. in Public Policy at Trinity College.

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