Thursday, February 26, 2015

Summer Internship Opportunity

At TechWeek Chicago's Opening Party.

As part of my summer internship, which was at a design/entrepreneurship firm in Chicago called “Doejo,” one of the many projects that I was working on was a start-up called "ScienceBox" ( ScienceBox is a start-up that provides online drug screening software that includes a prediction tool for pharmaceutical companies to use prior to the drug screening process. It is an intelligent system that gives companies the ability to perform drug screening efficiently before running any clinical evaluation. Pharmaceuticals are a $100 billion market and inventing a new drug costs around $5 billion alone, with most of that money being spent on drug screening. Our solution is fast, cheap and more comprehensive compared to current existing methods used in drug development.

At the ScienceBox Booth at TechWeek Chicago

By using our solution, drug invention costs are expected to be reduced for pharmaceutical companies. The concept of the start-up is brilliant and people were impressed by the idea and hopefully we will be able to launch the service sometime in 2015 with the help of the company’s advisory board. I have been helping them develop a business plan, the investor's deck, financial models and representing the company in TechWeek Chicago. 

Representing Syracuse at the MBA tour in Chicago.

TechWeek Chicago was a great opportunity to network and build relationships throughout the world especially in the booming tech industry. I have participated in the opening party, the booths competition and other seminars and workshops that were available at the event.

Nour Taher is a Palestinian Fulbright grantee from West Bank who is pursuing an MBA at Syracuse University.

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