Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Enrichment Seminar Experience

I just returned to Spokane, WA after spending few days in Lexington, KY where we had our enrichment seminar on Global Health Innovations.

During that seminar I had the chance to meet very intellectual people from all over the world. I never felt more blessed and thankful in my life than I did during the few days I spent in Kentucky. I met bright, innovative, and ambitious men and women who were full of desire and determination to make the world worth living. Topics discussed were brilliant, and experts were there to answer our questions with great passion and professionalism. I was there asking questions, leading a discussion group, and hoping I could get full advantage of every single moment. Days went fast and soon the journey ended, but after it implemented in our souls the seeds of freedom, knowledge, and hope.

Previously, I thought that the Fulbright program aims to facilitate and enhance the mutual understanding between Americans and non-Americans. How myopic was that point of view! Indeed, Fulbright is successful in making us understand each other and think of our globe as a one beautiful home! Through such academic and exchange programs we become sure our future will be bright and peace will eventually prevail. 

It is a pity to only attend one seminar throughout my study period in the US. I believe there is still a lot to learn, more people to meet, and many adventures to be taken. In one of the presentations, I saw a picture of Mr. J. William Fulbright; without thinking twice, I was saying: thank you sir, people like you changed the face of the planet! History will tell that a man from Arkansas did the world a very big favor.

Thank you U.S. Department of State (Fulbright) for giving me that opportunity, thank you AMIDEAST for being the guardian of that wonderful program, and last but not least, thank you America for teaching me how the good in us can turn to great!

Walid Al-Soneidar is a Yemeni Fulbrighter who is pursuing an MHA in Health Policy & Administration at Washington State University – Spokane.

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