Thursday, April 10, 2014

Annual Multicultural Fair

Ohio Northern University’s annual multicultural fair is a huge event where students celebrate and share their countries’ cultures. At this year’s fair, students decorated tables with their country's flag, beautiful fabric or tapestries, dolls, art or cultural artifacts, photos or a slideshow, posters, pamphlets and fliers, and music. There were interactive activities like henna painting, writing people's names in the different languages, teaching origami, teaching dance moves, and much more.

During this event I had my own table dedicated to Kurdish culture in the Middle East. I had the Kurdistan flag raised on my table and wore traditional Kurdish clothes. I displayed cultural-related pictures on my laptop screen such as Kurdish traditional clothes, traditional arts, a circle dance, maps, and historical and geographical facts about my country. I also shared some traditional Kurdish food called Shifta which is a mixture of chopped vegetables, meat, and flour that is fried in oil. I made the food by myself in advance and gave it to those who were visiting my table and eager to hear more about my culture. It was a fascinating multicultural experience.

Twana Smail is an Iraqi Fulbright grantee and pursuing an LLM at Ohio Northern University.

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