Thursday, October 1, 2015

Iraqi Alumna Noha Andrios uses her Fulbright Experience Back Home

Upon concluding her Fulbright program at the University of Wisconsin – Stout where she earned a Master’s degree in Training and Human Resource Development, Iraqi Fulbright grantee Noha Andrios returned to her previous employer charged with ideas on how to improve the workplace and benefit her colleagues and community.

To that effect, and with support from her supervisor who saw the great added value, Noha started the process of establishing a Human Resources department at the Municipality of Duhok, where she works.

“This”, says Noha, “is going to help me greatly to put all the knowledge I got in the two years of Master Degree study in Training & HRD via Fulbright Scholarship to work.”

Noha was invited by the Human Resources Development Directorate in Erbil to present at a seminar attended by officials from various other Directorates of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). She was also asked to conduct a 2-hour training session at the Directorate of Tourism about employee evaluation. Both events went very well and Noha received positive feedback from the organizers and attendees. Noha also conducted a seminar about training and human resources development for officials from different directorates in Duhok and is scheduled to speak at a local radio show about the value of training and human resources development in the workplace.

When the Kurdistan Institution for Planning Administration which partners with the KRG’s Ministry of Planning started an effort to create a learning culture in all government offices within the KRG by launching a project called the “2025 Master Plan of Training”, Noha was among the top 20 trainers who were chosen from a group of 500 to launch this project in early 2016.

Whenever she presents at an event, Noha always makes sure to mention that “all the knowledge and the degree I got was only possible through Fulbright Scholarship. Fulbright changed my life and I am very grateful for it. Fulbright was gift from the Lord to me. “

Noha has much to be proud of in terms of what she managed to accomplish in the short time since her return to Iraq in mid-June to fulfill one of the Fulbright program’s important goals of spreading knowledge and giving back to one’s community.

Well done, Noha!

Noha Andrios is a Iraqi Fulbright alumna who completed a Master's in Training and Human Resource Development at University of Wisconsin – Stout. 

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