Friday, May 1, 2015

International Week at Texas A&M University

Last week was International Week at Texas A&M University, which included many activities to show on-campus diversity at our school to educate students about different cultures. I volunteered at 3 events, which were called I-History, I-Exhibit, and I-Fashion. 

At I-History, I gave a 10-minute presentation on the rich history of Bahrain. There were only 9 countries represented in this event. The audience was so pleased to hear about Bahrain and learn about its history and culture.

At I-Exhibit, I joined forces with the Arab Student Association and showcased many items about Bahrain that were displayed alongside other Arab countries at the event. I volunteered at the booth and answered any questions from visitors. It was set up in a very live and vibrant place where many students walked by.

At, I-Fashion I wore traditional clothing of my home country and carried the flag on stage, alongside other participants from different countries. This was the biggest event of International Week, and it was done at a large theater and attended by many people. Everyone enjoyed the diversity and the show that was put together in this event.

Ahmed Almulla is a Bahraini Fulbrighter who is pursuing an MBA at Texas A&M University.

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