Tuesday, February 18, 2014

International Education Week Activities

The International Club at the University of Southern Mississippi organized an International Education Week where students from around the world represented their home countries. Poster exhibitions, teaching phrases and writing names in different languages were some of the highlights of the activities carried out by the students. Other activities included study abroad discussion sessions and a foreign country photo contest.

I represented the Sultanate of Oman and spoke about the main features of the country and shared some pictures from my road trips in Oman. My favorite part during this event was performing Arabic calligraphy for students and visitors on campus. Many students had their names written in Arabic. I have placed the sample text below in Arabic that says: “In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful.”

The International Club engages in many activities throughout the academic year including social gatherings to celebrate major holidays with international students, partnering with other student organizations to participate in their on-campus events, hosting international food festivals, and organizing volunteer activities to help the surrounding community such as collecting and providing food to the homeless in conjunction with local food banks. 

I am glad that I joined the International Club and am taking full advantage of everything I can while in the United States for my Fulbright.

Najeem Al Balushi is an Omani Fulbrighter pursuing an MPH at The University of Southern Mississippi.

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