Friday, October 4, 2013

My Pre-Academic program Experience at Virginia Tech

It was my first trip to the USA, and travelling from a small island in the Middle East to a huge country like America definitely worried me at first and put me under slight stress before arriving. Fortunately, the Pre-Academic program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute played a major part in helping me get over that fear right from the first day. That is, of course, attributed to the kind and friendly people I met both on and off campus. Everyone seemed to be ready to extend a helping hand to a stranger who came from thousands of miles away. Not only had I managed to interact with people from different parts of the world, but I was lucky to make friends as well. In fact, I believe that those friends added happiness to my six-week stay in Blacksburg, Virginia. In addition, the Pre-Academic program added value in terms of improving my English language skills and knowledge, whereby I managed to complete useful projects and compose research papers both individually and in groups.

Despite the fact that my stay in Blacksburg was a short one, I must admit that I miss a lot of things there including Virginia Tech activities, the class group, and most of all I miss the new friends I met, interacted with and spent happy times with.

Layla AlTurabi is pursuing a Master of Health Administration at University of Scranton.

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